Sunday, 25 May 2014

Get running insoles and avoid plantar fasciitis and heel spurs too

 I just found out what I need for my poorly feet.. guess what I'm looking for are insoles here is what I found out.. hopefully you might find it useful. (I actually found out by matching up my symptoms what I had was plantar fasciitis..:( )
I find the best thing to avoid foot injuries when running is getting yourself some insoles designed for running, Not doing so my prove really bad and cause you to injure your self and even get plantar fasciitis and heel spurs as well and you really want to avoid getting that at all costs otherwise you maybe not be able to run for quite a long time and sometimes plantar fasciitis can even take years to heal properly as well. Reading this on heel spurs may help you better understand why. What running insoles do is protect your feet and make sure that they are protected from shocks and what have you when running.... Insoles are more important than what shoes you are wearing to I think anyway. Since I have started wearing insoles for running I have noticed that I can run a lot further and have no more aches and pain in my feet... It isn't a surprise though when you look at the flat insoles that do not support my fee tin my old shoes no wonder I was getting pain with those useless things.

got cramp in my feet

I finally fixed my foot cramp. Ive been having sever foot cramp these last couple of days. dunno what iv done to cause it.. maybe my feet are just getting weaker or something but I am no doctor so im only guessing. Literally I just had to move my toes only a little bit and BANG! I get foot cramp. However what I have started to do now is wear metatarsal pads in my shoes which are proving really effective! I wasn't just getting foot cramps but also under my heels because my work requires me to stand around alot and be on my feet for a bout 6 hours non stop under my heels start hurting because of the pressure.... Iv still not came up with a solution to stop this yet and if I have metatarsal pads in my shoes surely I cannot stuff even more foot care products in my shoes.. remember also reading somewhere if your shoes are too tight it can cause real problems and I dont want even more but im stuck do I go for the foot cramps or the pain under my heel.. or dont I have to make a compromise and there something I can wear that can treat both...? is there? anyone know? it would be great because i have had enough of this now! :) thanks

(I know some of you guys may say go see a specialist but I really cannot be bothered and I dont have the money to either.. we are not all rich ya know!