Friday, 8 November 2013

Dont trust health advise on the internet

Searching for something health related? Don't trust everything you read. I was trying to do some research today about growing taller...... im small you see and there jsut seems to be tons of spam everywhere I looked.

There is quite a lot of spam around on the search engines.. now if you search for something you will just find loads of spammy website.. I even consider Wikipedia spam now because most of what you read isn't true on that site... well it can be edited by anyone. If you are searching about something health related or a medical condition dont take everything you read as though it is a doctor opinion.. quite a lot of stuff on search engine snow is made by internet marketers trying to scam you out of your money. If you have a medical condition please go see a doctor rather than relying on the internet to provide you good answers... Some of the info you may reading can be dangerous take for example how to grow taller... a doctor would advise a few effective ways to help you increase your height which were safe for YOU but on the internet when you search for something like how to grow taller you are met by ways which may not be ideal for you personally and or can be really bad for your health like illegal human growth hormone pill selling websites and other scammer trying to sell you bad and unsafe way to help you be taller.... these immoral people are only after one thing and that is your money they are not even medical professionals...... just internet marketers that are good at seo and getting their website to rank in the search engines to nick desperate peoples cash! Seeing a doctor is free and the best way to get the best advice! This blog post was inspired by the Berkeley bubble post found here

Something to help you appear taller!

I thought I would share something that would help out you small guy's like me (I suppose though that this maybe interesting to anyone even tall people as everyone wants to be a little bit taller and nobody is ever happy with their height am i right?). Super I finally did it I got taller.. but not from the conventional way of growing taller.. like stretching exercises or even just naturally growing taller on my own.. oh no. what I did was use some heel lifts to gey extra height! That right you can cheat.. well I did! I am actually quite honestly amazed at just how well it worked.. I gained 3 inches ontop of my height and I feel great now because I am so much taller than I used to be. The heel lifts are so comfortable and so cheap to... honestly if you dont believe me go try some for yourself and if your looking a easy and quick fix to height increase heel lifts are the only way I see that is both secret, fast and comfortable.. all other ways like wearing elevator shoes arent right.. because they can damage your feet with the way the elevated heel is made and are really quite obvious when it comes down to it.. you have a really tall heel which everyone can see and to top it off elevator shoes cost so much and in contrast heel lifts just cost £10 and you can put the insoles into whatever shoes you please quickly! I recommend them for sure! I first found out about these height increasing insoles by reading article after article on how to grow taller... there are a bunch of scammers out there that what you to either buy their ebook or eat their dangerous human growth hormone pills... it was only after searching through the spam I was able to find a good article on how to grow taller over on a website called berekely bubble (it kind of like a news website with topics on economics, politics tech and health quite cool really) If you want to know a little more about growing taller I suggest you head on over to their growing taller guide! It worked for me... even if you do call wearing height increasing insoles cheating the only one to know you are cheating is you!

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Get a great pair of insoles

I was wondering the other day as my feet started aching what insoles to buy to stop it.. I knew I had to swap my rubbish flat pair in my shoes before they did even more real damage and I ended up getting plantar fasciitis.. So this lead me to look online and try out some good insoles. This was the first time I bothered with getting some insoles because i NEVER REALLY THOUGHT THAT YOU NEEDED SOME. but IT REALLY SEEMS AS THOUGH YOU DO.. And after reading about horror story's online about how people ignored the fact that there feet where aching whilst they ran and ended up getting arthritis because of it really shocked me in getting a good pair for myself. So what should you buy? Well I found out that the best insoles to buy are the most affordable ones. You may think that expensive insoles will be better but the truth is that this is wrong.. Good insoles are made from materials which will shape and mold to the shape of your feet....because of the material they have been made from.. custom insoles are meant to do this (well that the whole idea of them) so what is the point of getting some custom ones if normal ones can do this just as well... save some money I say. Anyway I decided upon buying nuovahealth insoles! Nuovahealth insoles are second to non much better than any of their competitors.. nuova health is a new business as I gather but that doesn't mean they dont supply the best insoles in the business. Anyway I got my nuovahealth insoles are they really are super in fact I might buy some more who knows they are doing just fine at the moment and I have no complaints. If you got any question or wanna know anything else please feel free to contact me in the comments or use my google+ account. Or if you are still abit confused why not read this superb article on berkelybubble basically it tells you what are the best insoles to get if your going running here is the linkwhat insoles you should buy guide. I am so glad I realized to get running insoles before it was to late as I knew a mate of mine who always used to say naaah you dont need insoles just run and at the moment hes suffering from knee problems and his docotr told him that it was down to footwear and not enough support or protection from shock in it.