Friday, 8 November 2013

Dont trust health advise on the internet

Searching for something health related? Don't trust everything you read. I was trying to do some research today about growing taller...... im small you see and there jsut seems to be tons of spam everywhere I looked.

There is quite a lot of spam around on the search engines.. now if you search for something you will just find loads of spammy website.. I even consider Wikipedia spam now because most of what you read isn't true on that site... well it can be edited by anyone. If you are searching about something health related or a medical condition dont take everything you read as though it is a doctor opinion.. quite a lot of stuff on search engine snow is made by internet marketers trying to scam you out of your money. If you have a medical condition please go see a doctor rather than relying on the internet to provide you good answers... Some of the info you may reading can be dangerous take for example how to grow taller... a doctor would advise a few effective ways to help you increase your height which were safe for YOU but on the internet when you search for something like how to grow taller you are met by ways which may not be ideal for you personally and or can be really bad for your health like illegal human growth hormone pill selling websites and other scammer trying to sell you bad and unsafe way to help you be taller.... these immoral people are only after one thing and that is your money they are not even medical professionals...... just internet marketers that are good at seo and getting their website to rank in the search engines to nick desperate peoples cash! Seeing a doctor is free and the best way to get the best advice! This blog post was inspired by the Berkeley bubble post found here


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