Thursday, 7 November 2013

Get a great pair of insoles

I was wondering the other day as my feet started aching what insoles to buy to stop it.. I knew I had to swap my rubbish flat pair in my shoes before they did even more real damage and I ended up getting plantar fasciitis.. So this lead me to look online and try out some good insoles. This was the first time I bothered with getting some insoles because i NEVER REALLY THOUGHT THAT YOU NEEDED SOME. but IT REALLY SEEMS AS THOUGH YOU DO.. And after reading about horror story's online about how people ignored the fact that there feet where aching whilst they ran and ended up getting arthritis because of it really shocked me in getting a good pair for myself. So what should you buy? Well I found out that the best insoles to buy are the most affordable ones. You may think that expensive insoles will be better but the truth is that this is wrong.. Good insoles are made from materials which will shape and mold to the shape of your feet....because of the material they have been made from.. custom insoles are meant to do this (well that the whole idea of them) so what is the point of getting some custom ones if normal ones can do this just as well... save some money I say. Anyway I decided upon buying nuovahealth insoles! Nuovahealth insoles are second to non much better than any of their competitors.. nuova health is a new business as I gather but that doesn't mean they dont supply the best insoles in the business. Anyway I got my nuovahealth insoles are they really are super in fact I might buy some more who knows they are doing just fine at the moment and I have no complaints. If you got any question or wanna know anything else please feel free to contact me in the comments or use my google+ account. Or if you are still abit confused why not read this superb article on berkelybubble basically it tells you what are the best insoles to get if your going running here is the linkwhat insoles you should buy guide. I am so glad I realized to get running insoles before it was to late as I knew a mate of mine who always used to say naaah you dont need insoles just run and at the moment hes suffering from knee problems and his docotr told him that it was down to footwear and not enough support or protection from shock in it.


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