Tuesday, 10 June 2014

How to 404 all urls from sub directory?


I have wordpress on my site and some moron (before I owned the doamin) hacked the previous owners and put the rubbish usual hacked links on the domain and spammed them... the domains really great if it wasnt for that. anyway I have wordpress installed on the site and these hacked pages used to be on urls in /?/ like so.. I cannot ignore this problem because on these urls wordpress is stupidly showing homepage content and not a 404 because of this ? my question is how do I block 404 or hopefully totally gone error these pages

here is what I mean


I tried just uplaoding a wordpress site to /? but godaddy installatron didnt let me... can some one help!

Oh yes

something to not is that I cannot access my godaddy ftp properly... godaddy just shows me ftpquota and that is it. If i try and upload a htaccess on the root I just break the entire site totally with 500 internal errors and I have been messing around for hours just trying to get my wordpress site back up... in the end I had to reset the whole hosting account because deleting everything didnt help. So this means that I can only upload to the /?/ folder...... thanks godaddy.

Any help would be really appreciated.

thank you guys.


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