Monday, 16 June 2014

Need help with my schema markup

Google has been going around manually taking out (penalizing) websites that are doing rich snippet spam so it is important I get things perfect for my site.

I heard that you are not allowed to use schema for things not visible on the page... but

I am currently using the all in one seo extension for opencart which has given me this in my header iv pasted it over on pastebin for you to see.. here is the link

Is this correct markup... or will the

 <div itemprop="aggregateRating" itemscope itemtype="" />

and the other divs be seen as hidden content and google will penalize me for it. All the data correlates with my actual product page info but I dont like assuming anything as google takes no prisoners and seems to like collateral damage.
Also using the google schema markup tool to look at how google would display my product page in the search result shows that google wants to show the review rating but not the actual product price? Annoyingly google doesn't tell you whether how you have markup stuff is acceptable or not it just reads the code and prints out... not whether your doing it the "spammy" way or the right way.

*I dont have anything in the actual body of my page marked up.

*If people arnt 100% sure if this is correct id rather get rid of schemea entirely.. does anyone know how I could disable schema on the all in one seo extension?

Thanks guys.

ps Opencart is the best!


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